Richmond Event Management Ltd recognises that our events and more importantly the management system for delivery can have both a positive and negative impact on environmental, social and economic issues.  It is therefore our policy to employ an event management system that, wherever possible, reduces the negative and maximises the positive impacts we have on sustainability issues. We aim to achieve this through the intelligent and productive use of all resources.

Richmond Event Management Ltd is committed to:

  • A continual programme of understanding the environmental, economic and social impacts of our events.

  • Identifying and engaging with our key stakeholders on relevant sustainability issues.

  • Communicating to all relevant stakeholders our sustainability policies, values and visions.

  • Implementing key measurement tools and systems to accurately monitor the use of resources and or materials at our events.

  • Setting specific sustainability objectives and targets for key performance indicators (KPI) for each applicable event.

  • Allocating suitable and sufficient resources to run a sustainable event.

  • To provide training and to continually build the competencies of our responsible individuals.

  • To record, report and review our KPI’s, objectives and results after each applicable event.

Our Employees are committed to:

  • Working to all agreed systems and procedures related directly to our ongoing sustainability vision and goals.

  • Working safely, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • To reporting or communicating any incidents, ideas that shall assist the company in initiating further improvements to its policies and working practices.

It is our policy that any operations undertaken shall be carried out in strict accordance with existing legislation that is applicable to our business.

The event Project Manager is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy and or all regulations applicable to their events.

This policy is available to all staff, clients, suppliers and other interested parties and will be reviewed whenever applicable.

This policy forms the basis of improved systems for the management of sustainability issues. Our success will come from the individual and combined efforts of our staff who shall ensure its effective implementation in the chosen scope of our work