We create memorable events in special places. Our events elevate and celebrate, turning locations into destinations.

The power of events for destination placemaking cannot be understated, when it is properly executed, an event can transform a country park, a city centre, a coastal town or harbourside into something so much more.... after all, who ever heard of Pilton before Mr Eavis came along!

  • Destination Placemaking
  • Working with local authorities
  • Working with tourism boards, forums, businesses and BIDs to bring an event to life
  • Delivering visual, attention grabbing events
  • Strategic Direction with clear goals and ROIs
  • Identifying prominent and relevant partners
  • Establishing mutually beneficial campaigns
  • Understanding the wider needs of the community

made memorable…

Torbay Airshow



Security, trust and good communication are the foundations of any good relationship. Here at REM strategy, planning and foresight are crucial elements of our approach.

Delivering a great event starts with a great plan; a clear understanding of stakeholder needs, an exacting eye on the budget and a clear roadmap to the event day for everyone involved. Each REM project begins with this strategic outlook, with everyone on board we aim to work as a partner rather than a supplier.

  • Stakeholder management
  • Utilising our strong relationships with suppliers, concessions and performers
  • Sponsor and partnership management
  • Competitor analysis
  • Financial management
  • Revenue management
  • Project management


Creativity has sat at the heart of our events for over two decades. From the resurrection of Admiral Nelson, turning town centres into winter wonderlands and sailing tall ships under the Clifton Suspension Bridge while flew Concorde over it.

In a competitive and populated market, we understand the role creativity plays when it comes to ensuring your event stands out, be it a rebranding exercise, a web rebuild or a comprehensive marketing, media and communications strategy.

  • Ideation and conceptualisation
  • Content strategy
  • Programming
  • Identity
  • Decor
  • Marketing communications

that inspires…

Sunderland Tall Ships



Trust us to deliver. With over 200 industry leading events delivered to the highest standard, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver an incredible events safely, securely and sustainably. You can be confident in our ability to deliver.

Our qualified full time team of event professionals work alongside a dedicated team of trusted contractors and suppliers to deliver your vision when it matters. From site layouts to stage management, generator hire to media liaison, barriers and fences to lost children and the inevitable unpredictability of the British weather, we know how to ensure your event succeeds.

  • Production services
  • Site services
  • Event management
  • Traffic management
  • Safety & security
  • Crisis management and incident planning
  • Event PR

with confidence…

Bristol Harbour Festival




Founded in 1997 by a Yorkshireman with a knack for events and organisation, over the last 20 years we’ve grown from an aspiring start-up to one of the country’s leading names in event management and delivery.

We love what we do, there’s no getting away from that, and this is why we work with events of all shapes and sizes from local music festivals, to large scale public events and huge cultural spectaculars. Our ethos is simple one, work hard on behalf of our clients and ensure that every penny of their budgets are used not only wisely but for maximum effect

We’re a small but passionate team with roots deep in Bristol and the South West, but on any given weekend you can find us on event sites throughout the country.