Case study

Tall Ships


The challenge

In 2017 the prestigious Tall Ships Race came to Sunderland, once the largest shipbuilding town in the world.  Our challenge was to create a world class event at a busy city centre & active port location.

The solution

Curating a programme of more than 200 live acts across four sites, two stages and five days, as well as 53 tall ships and managing crowds of 1.2 million, Sunderland Tall Ships was a true showcase of our skills.

The Sunderland Tall Ships Race was heralded as a huge success. Our ability to create safe yet enjoyable event sites, in even the most unlikely of locations, allowed 1.2 million to take in the sights and sought of this majestic event.

Further testament to our dedication and expertise, just days after providing this event for the city of Sunderland we moved a huge section of the event infrastructure to Roker beach for the second world class event, the Sunderland Airshow.

The result

The 2017 Torbay Airshow was a huge success drawing in a record breaking crowd of 150,000 – which we surpassed in 2018 – providing an action packed two day programme of world class flying displays.

Within one year we also turned Torbay Airshow from a loss-making venture into a cost neutral event with the introduction of alternative revenue streams as well as stricter financial control around site expenditure.


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